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METACO Pleat Net: Shinpooh

  Introducing METACO Pleat Net: Shinpooh

a) Introducing

METACO Pleat Net with the advantages of stacking when not in use, easy sliding. The neatly designed can be used to install to any space. Shinpooh is often chosen by customers to install for main doors, room doors or large windows. Shinpooh Screen doors help prevent not only mosquitoes but also other harmful organisms: flies, mice, butterflies, cockroaches...and trash from entering the house, effectively protecting your family from infectious diseases caused by flies and mosquitoes. 

b) The advantage

  • Optimal control of the penetration of insects, small size trash into the private working space and environment
  • Convenience: When using Shinpooh, users can close the net when necessary and store the net away when not in use. Mesh is stowed in an aluminum frame, good preservation and higher aesthetics. Easy to clean the floor, trash does not get stuck like conventional rail doors.
  • Cut off range for product height is up to a maximum of 300mm.
  • Easy to install door mesh when needed: Mesh screens and sliders are installed with full contact with the stop, so there is no space for mosquitoes to pass through.
  • With small openings the screen door helps homeowners take advantage of the light and wind to provide ventilation for the house and save energy costs (air conditioning, lights, fan...) Completely refreshing with a natural atmosphere, open living space.
  • Safe for health and the environment by not using chemicals.

metaco pleat net shinpooh

METACO Pleat Net Shinpooh


- Barrier free

Wheelchair accessible with a flat 5mm high bottom rail that enables passage without any difficulties with minimal tripping hazard.

This newly designed anti-derailment bottom rail prevents the product from deviating from the track in the event of unexpected impact and strong wind.

metaco pleat net shinpooh

- Cuttable

Cut off range for product height is up to a maximum of 300mm.

metaco pleat net shinpooh

- PP Net

NET (100% polypropylene monofilament ) with Metaco Stamp-pleating Technology achieves higher rigidity and mechanical resistance, keeping the entire screen upright, letting maximum airflow and a pleasant visual impression. Shielded with pigment black (Carbon) for protection from UV radiation.

metaco pleat net shinpooh

- Colors available:

  1. White
  2. Tight and secure closure with magnet.
  3. Compactly retracted with Hold Hook.

 metaco pleat net shinpooh meataco pleat net shinpooh metaco pleat net shinpooh

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metaco pleat net shinpooh

  Installation conditions

  1. The install location must be flat with a 42.5mm or more of width space for installation.
  2. The door knobs should not interfere with the product.
  3. The opening should be square, parallel and all 4 corners right-angled.

  Measuring                                  metaco pleat net shinpooh

How to measure size

Check the install location and measure the width and height of your opening.
NOTE : Measure the opening width and height in 2 or 3 different places, as many openings are not square. 
When placing your order, use the biggest size of the measurements.
NOTE : The top margin of the product allows you to adjust +/- 5mm in height.

  HNPC-High Class METACO Insect Net installation.

  • Mosquito screen door products with Japanese Metaco brand are imported by Hanoi Pest Control, genuine, fully-documented, to meet the strict requirements of the demanding Japanese market.

  • Professional technician team, well-trained; consultancy service - Installation in accordance with the aesthetic requirements of customers.

  • Warranty, maintenance and repair 

  • Warranty policy up to 03 years, you don't pay out-of-pocket for repairs

  • Shipping and installation according to customer requirements, ensuring technical requirements.

  • Competitive price, commensurate with product quality

If you are interested in mosquito net door products please contact us at the following information for a free consultation and to purchase genuine Japanese Metaco.

Hanoi Pest Control

Hotline: 0368 298 280

Free Call: 1800 545 468

Add:109 Tran Duy Hưng Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

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