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Rats are rodents with disgusting appearance that can be encountered anywhere in the city or countryside, plain or mountainous. They bite, destroy everything, pollute the environment, transmit pathogens where they live. A cunning nature with great fertility combined with an abundant source of food from waste, uneaten food is a favorable environment for rats to grow and makes them even more difficult to destroy. Don't worry, Hanoi Pest Control's rodent control service will help you get rid of them quickly, save your money and time.

  Signs of rodent infestation

a) Signs of rodent.

Detecting roden signs early and finding the correct method of killing will determine up to 70% of the success of a home-based rat-killing effect. On the other hand, through these signs, we can determine how many rodents are hiding in the house. Observe and determine if your home has the following signs:

signs of rodent

With a terrifying form, the appearance of a mouse in the kitchen is enough to terrify us. But if that number is 5, 10 times, it is not just fear, the risk of property loss and disease is stalking your house, the main cause is from the rats.

b) Damage caused by rodents

The first harm is the ability to damage the property of this species. According to research, rats bite all year round because of their physiological feature that is the continuous development of incisors. They need to bite down on things to shorten their teeth, otherwise it will make it difficult to find or use food. One of Hanoi Pest Control's customers is the owner of a food warehouse in the city. Ho Chi Minh City was in a crisis when 20% of goods stored in the warehouse were severely damaged by mice, and the repair cost was very high.

In addition, rodents are symbols of pollution, poor hygiene, disease germs. Rodents prefer to choose humid, dirty, few people, such as sewers, warehouses, landfills ... Therefore, they carry millions of pathogenic bacteria and parasites. And when entering the human living environment, they spread and spread that pathogen, the most dangerous such as some diseases: plague, cholera, typhoid ... have become pandemic, killing millions of people in the past.

Rodents have great fertility. A couple of rodents can give birth to 30 to 40 children a year. With urban development attached to the consequences of environmental pollution, untreated waste, unprocessed food ... is becoming the "paradise" of living for rodents. Moreover, this species is very cunning, has a keen sense of smell which helps them in evading human traps. Most customers seek assistance from a rat extermination service when they are incapable of controlling rats, spend a lot of money trying to use traps, baits, even those found online but do not have any. effective.

Save your time, money and effort today, contact Hanoi Pest Control professional rodent control service.

  Why is Hanoi Pest Control’s rodent control service?

Getting rid of rodents has never been such a simple job. Each rodent species has different behavior, the number of rodents and the size of the nest require the handler to have the necessary experience and knowledge. Nearly 20 years of experience and a solid reputation in the professional rat killer industry have allowed us to be proud of being one of the few leading killers on the market. For many years, corporations, large and small business agencies (Vinpearl, FLC, Government guest house, A25 hotel chain ...) and millions of households across the country have chosen to be trusted partners, assigning full responsibility to protect property and health from the attack of rodents..

Two factors determine service quality: HUMAN and TECHNOLOGY. Technicians are staff who stick with and accompany the company during the development process, directly handling termites where each house has different damage status, rats, numbers, Diverse team size and processing methods. Hanoi Pest Control's technicians fully equip themselves with necessary knowledge, seasoned experience, combine high skills, are well trained, and refined. Responsibility is committed to providing perfect service towards absolute satisfaction of customers.

hnpc rodent control service

On the other hand, the indispensable element of human support is technology. Recognizing the continuous development of science and technology, focusing on investment in renovating equipment, grasping modern termite control technologies from developed countries in the world such as Germany and Japan. .. to be given top priority by the company management. Not only for profit, all services provided by Hanoi Pest Control are oriented towards the value received by the customers and the satisfaction of customers when finding us.

  Customer value

customer value

  Effective methods of controlling rodents

- Set rodent trap

Depending on the actual situation, the time and the species of rodents being destructive, they choose to use traps: muscle traps, glue traps, cage traps to bring high efficiency.

rodent trap

- Place rodent bait

Based on the structure of the house, the area, the number of rodents that need to be processed, we will set up the bait fence, effectively destroying the rats. The bait product of Hanoi Pest Control used is a domestic or foreign product licensed for circulation, killing rodents under a new effective mechanism, containing bitter active ingredients to prevent ingestion of other animals. In addition, the bait station is placed in the bait station, limiting the impact of the environment, preserving the bait better, bringing the maximum effect of killing rats, ensuring safety for children and pets.

rodent bait

- Consulting hygiene measures and how to prevent the intrusion of rodent

In addition to combining and placing bait, Hanoi Pest Control's technicians also advise customers on cleaning solutions, repairing hardware structures, preventing the risk of a rodent attack in the future.

Customers using HNPC's rodent control service are very diverse:

  • Killing rodents at home for households, apartments, villas
  • Killing rodents for restaurants, hotels, resorts, resorts
  • Killing rodents for state agencies, offices
  • Killing rodents for production facilities, factories, goods warehouses

hnpc rodent control service

***Photo realistic***

hnpc rodent control service

***Photo realistic***

hnpc rodent control service

***Photo realistic***

If you have a mouse in your house, please pick up the phone and contact us for the location closest to you !!!


Commitment to reputable and long-term warranty. Warranty period depends on contract value, customer agreement and HNPC. For details please contact: 0368 298 280

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