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Termimesh System

  About Termimesh System

Termimesh Termite control system is a grade stainless steel mesh system designed to be the superior termite barrier. It works as a barrier against termites from the underground, outside environment as well as around the building. The Termimesh system has the following basic features:

Materials which include:

  • Ultramarine grade stainless steel mesh
  • Bonding Cement - Termiparge
  • Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Other tools - The rest of the items that are a necessary part of the installation of the Termimesh System.

  Termimesh and Chemicals comparison

Comparative criteriaTermimesh Chemicals
Termite control capabilityLong-life effect
Effect declines over time
Reapplications after the 1st treatmentOnly reapplications when the construction structure changesReapplications after 2 years from the 1st treatment
Environmental impactEnvironmentally friendly, non-toxicPolluting the environment, especially in areas near water sources. The average amount of chemicals used to eliminate termites: 6.25 liters/linear meter or 5 liters/m2
CostCheaper than that of a chemical method on the whole life of the building, especially saving for buildings with basementsMore Expensive than that of Termimesh calculated over the lifetime of the building
Warranty   Up to 10 yearsUsually 1 to 2 years
Quality controlSupervised by TMA Australia, from material manufacture to installation serviceControlled by the company providing the service
Ability to assess the quality of work by the owner/supervisor of the projectEasy to measure and evaluate quality and workloadDifficult to measure and evaluate quality and workload

Termimesh sýstem

termimesh system

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