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  Labyrinth-Aprtment/Townhouse termite system

Labyrinth is the termite control system for apartments and townhouses, developed by Ensystex Company, the leaders in household pest control – protect your home with confidence. This method provides a comprehensive solution to eliminate all termites. The Labyrinth system is designed to remove termites from where they are attacking without the need for additional long-term and costly solutions.

  How does Labyrinth get rid of termite?

There are two ingredient used in Labyrinth bait station: 

- REQUIEM termite bait

- Labyrinth bait box

labyrinth termite bait station

REQUIEM termite bait is safely placed in a separate and small size bait box, preventing children or pet from playing. Then place this bait box directly on the active termite position which was accurately determined by the Hanoi Pest Control technician during the survey. 

labyrinth termite bait station

When the Labyrinth system is installed, the system operates immediately, solving the termite problem at the location where they attack. The secret of Labyrinth's success is the unique taste of REQUIEM termite baits, containing more attractive ingredients than wood. This will ensure to attract the maximum number of termites to the bait station. The misconception is that this is food and will immediately stop biting wood. 

Termites are lured to enjoy the bait, at the same time the worker will release the bait to the nest and share with other nestmates, including the queen, ensuring the entire termite nest is destroyed. After all the termites have been cleared, the technician will come back to check and remove the bait boxes safely and quickly.

Labyrinth termite bait system

  Differences when using the Labyrinth termite control system with other methods

Baits consumed will not kill termite immediately, giving them ample time to return to their net and spread the baits amongst their nestmate with the same toxicant. This bait is transferred through the colony until it ultimately implodes  and dies. 

  Advantages of Labyrinth Bait Station

The advantages this new active brings are: 

- Faster acting. Labyrinth will bring about colony elimination quicker.

- Higher loading, Labyrinth has a higher loading of active ingredients, thus there is less bait required to cause colony elimination.

- Smart component design. Labyrinth is in neat, professional canisters that can be placed in the stations with no mess.  

- Excellent safety profile – children and pet friendly,

- Environmentally smart – Labyrinth only targets termites avoiding excessive insecticide use.

Customers need to install a Labyrinth system for apartments and townhouses please contact Hanoi Pest Control’s hotline: 0368 298 280.

When using our service, customers enjoy many benefits:

- Free of charge to survey and give dedicated advice on insect control solutions that customers are having.

- Periodic inspection, reputable warranty towards the highest customer satisfaction

- Use the most modern and specialized equipment

- The most competitive price.

Labyrinth termite bait system

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