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Integrated pest management

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Hanoi Pest Control's integrated pest management service quickly destroys and controls all pests that are residing in your house, giving your family a healthy and safe living environment.

  Damage caused by insects and benefits of integrated insect management.

a)  Damage caused by insects

These small insects lurk all over your family, not only bring an unpleasant and annoying life, but they also have a high risk of causing diseases, directly affecting the health of family members. family. Especially, the climate in Vietnam with high humidity is a favorable condition for many harmful insects to grow and thrive. Including the following common insects:

  • Insect group: Flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches
  • Rodent group: rats, house mices ...

b) Benefits of integrated pest management

  • Early detection of a potential pest problem reduces the risk of infestation.
  • Tracking insect growth trends helps determine the correct use of chemicals.
  • Accurately identify and monitor the pest and disease situation, and use correct maintenance options.
  • Minimize damage to everyday activities
  • Avoid bringing new pests into homes and businesses

These pests are small, but it's not really easy to destroy them. Living in herds in large numbers is the reason why it is difficult to destroy them. You can kill by yourself according to tips or folkways. However, these methods carry a lot of risks and believe us, they are mostly ineffective. What you and your family really need is Hanoi Pest Control's  integrated pest management service.

  Why is Hanoi Pest Control’s integrated pest management

The first two factors you need to consider before deciding on a service provider are: EXPERIENCE and PRESTIGE

Getting rid of insects at the root is not an easy job, not for amateurs and inexperienced people. Hanoi Pest Control is proud to be one of the few leading enterprises operating in the field of pest and pest control for nearly 20 years. Those years of operation are also the years that Hanoi Pest Control accumulated for us the experience of handling insects for millions of houses across the country. With our experience, skills and dedication, we have successfully built up a reputation in the market, selected as a reliable partner of many large and small businesses and households during the past time.

interated pest management

Two factors determine service quality: HUMAN and TECHNOLOGY. The technical team are employees who have been with the company since the beginning. They directly contact and handle millions of customers with a variety of insect numbers, densities, species ..., they have extensive knowledge, combined with professional training, to provide perfect service, destroying insects at the root with the most optimal, suitable and economical method. On the other hand, the indispensable element of human support is technology. Hanoi Pest Control always focuses on renovating new equipment and technology, using chemicals safely and effectively towards the safety of the environment and customers.

  Customer value

customer value

  Effective methods of controlling insect

- Set traps, baits, bait stations:

Using traps, baits, bait stations to destroy harmful insects: cockroaches, ants, and mice. All of Hanoi Pest Control's bait products used for the service are advanced products, destroying insects by smart mechanism, providing superior results than traditional products. In addition, these products are also oriented to the safety of human health and the environment

- Chemical spray:

An effective method of destroying insects, especially flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes ... Attention when using this method is to strictly follow instructions on mixing concentration, spraying procedure, safety requirements ... In addition, the quality of drugs plays an important role in effectively destroying insects and ensuring safety for humans.

hnpc intergret pest control

- Insect mesh doors.

This is also an effective method to prevent the invasion of flying insects (flies, mosquitoes ...) and mice from outside, which is highly appreciated by many homeowners. Currently, Hanoi Pest Control installs and constructs genuine, high-quality Japanese Metaco insect net doors.

- Consulting hygiene measures and how to prevent insect infestation

In addition to the above methods, Hanoi Pest Control's technicians also advise customers on cleaning solutions, repairing hardware structures, preventing the risk of insect attacks in the future.

Customers using HNPC's comprehensive insect control service are diverse:

  • Comprehensive insect control for households, apartments, and villas
  • Comprehensive insect control for restaurants, hotels, resorts, resorts
  • Comprehensive insect control for government offices, offices
  • Comprehensive insect control for manufacturing facilities, factories, and warehouses

hnpc intergret pest control

***Photo realistic***

hnpc intergret pest control

***Photo realistic***


Reputable and long-term warranty policy. Warranty and periodic inspection by week, month, year ... depending on the contract value, insect condition, size of construction work area, agreement of customer and HNPC ... For details of warranty policy, please contact 1800 545 468 or hotline: 0368 298 280

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