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Type of termite

What type of termite often appears in Vietnam? What is their identity and behavior? Please follow the following article for more details.

  Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites are the most common type of termite found throughout the entire nation and unfortunately, the most damaging as well. They are infamous for causing extensive structural damage in thousands of homes each year. They usually attack any wood that comes in contact with the ground. On the other hand, to reach a target on the ground they build mud tubes. 

Like other termites, a subterranean termite nest includes: soldier termite, worker termite, wing termite, queen and king termite ... Each type will undertake a different task in the nest. Soft wood, damaged wood is the favorite food of subterranean termites. In addition, they also eat grains, seeds, newspapers, cardboard ... even plaster walls. 

- Location of subterranean termites nest

Subterranean termites require an association with continuous and a lot of moisture, so they build their nests in underground soil. We can only detect the subterranean termite when we see the termite worker looking for food, but if with the naked eye, it is very difficult to detect. Subterranean termites usually appear when temperatures are warm and with heavy rainfall. Especially at the beginning of the rainy season, These winged termites will eventually fly from the original nest to mate. This mating flight is referred to as ‟swarming”, they will develop 3-5 years before separating a new nest.               

- Damage caused by subterranean termites 

This is the most common and high proportion of termites. Damage caused by termites is estimated to amount to hundreds of billions per year. It only takes a short time, from 3 to 4 months, the subterranean termites can quickly penetrate into wooden furniture in the house.

subterranean termite

  Drywood termite

Drywood termites usually eat only dry wood or the cellulose found in papers, shoes or clothing. We sometimes get confused between drywood termites and beetles. Typically, drywood termites only attack softwoods, however, some aged hardwoods or pickled ovalwoods can also be targeted. 

- Location of drywood termites nest

Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites grow and develop without the need for water or moist soil. Therefore, we often find termite nests in dry tree trunks on the ground. They often congregate in a warm climate, not too cold winters and with an abundant wooden structure. 

- Damage caused by drywood termites

Drywood termites but slow performance but can destroy homes. Drywood termites cause economic damage and control costs of termite kill up to billions of VND per year. Drywood termites are the ones who silently destroy our home. It took several years to discover the damage caused by drywood termites. A nest of drywood termites has a few hundred individuals. Although the number of individuals is small, they can cause considerable damage. Just a small space such as cracking, will facilitate the penetration of drywood termites. They will bite the slots to both take food sources and create a convenient and safe path for themselves. Drywood termites only leave the nest when the wood has rotted and collapsed at any time, If there is an impact from the outside, we will have to remove the furniture, causing economic damage and endangering the human. 

drywood termite

  Dampwood termite

Dampwood termite are often found in wet coastal areas, near water sources or long damp wooden bodies such as construction works, historical relics from a long time ago. They can focus very quickly on the target of a food source and the rate of destruction of this termite is extremely large.

- Location of dampwood termites nest

In contrast to dry wood termites, dampwood termites live in places close to water sources in order to have enough water to support their living. nest in discreet places or structures for house construction, places often attacked by termites such as: floors, panels, crevices, wooden bales, tree stumps, trees or books in the home. If drywood termites usually have a few hundred individuals, for dampwood termites, a termite nest can have 1-3 million individuals living and destroying. In some large termite nests can reach a number of tens of millions of active termites and they are extremely destructive.Not only that, dampwood termites can also operate within a radius of 100 meters to cause damage to many structures. They have the habit of building underground nests, so it is difficult to destroy the original.

-Damage caused by dampwood termites

"Silent" and "Secret" nature, the dampwood termite's behavior is often very subtle until it becomes dire. The number of individuals in the nest is large and the speed of destruction is fast, the damage caused by dampwood termites is very great if not promptly controlled.

  • They invade and destroy your equipment, home appliances including documents and books, ...
  • Besides, they also damage the crops, causing damage and reducing the yield and quality of plants
  • Dampwood termites weaken homes resulting in costly repairs, causing a lot of disappointment.

dampwood termite

Above are some basic knowledge to help you distinguish and identify harmful termites in Vietnam. However, determining exactly which termites are residing and the condition of your home requires someone with certain experience and expertise. Please choose a reputable and professional controlling company. They will help you detect the presence of termites early, control the situation, find the best solution and save the best cost.

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