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FAQ about termite

  Question 1: Why should you be worried about termite?

Answer: Termites cause millions of dollars in losses each year to construction buildings and to houses. Not only eat wood, termites destroy papers, books, electrical systems, water ... They attack trees and shrubs. The value of a house is severely affected when statistical reports on its termite condition are made. Not only causing economic damage, the presence of hundreds of winged termites in the house is really a bad experience for homeowners.

termite damage to house

  Question 2: Why do termites often develop in the spring?

Answer: Spring is the time when a large number of termites swarmers appear in the house. In the wild, termites swarmers dispersed to the areas around the termites nest to find suitable locations, build new nests. In the spring, the rainfall and humidity are suitable for the growth of the termite, when the termite swarmers will leave the nest and fly out. After finding a suitable nesting place, they shed their wings, pair up, and begin to build a new nest underground. The termite swarmers's life cycle is quite short, they only live for a few days and do not harm the furniture when entering the house. We can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to wipe the termites swarmer out of the house.

 termite swarmers

  Question 3: How do I find out about termites destroying my home?

Answer: The first sign to know whether termites are hiding in the house is the appearance of termites swarmers. We often find termites swarmers perched on lights, window areas or doors. We are often confused with the difference between termites swarmer and ant wingers, when both species thrive in the spring. Termites swarmer have a straight beard, an even stomach, and equal wings length. In contrast, ants wingers have a narrow, curved beard, the upper wings longer than the lower two.

termite and ant

Another sign to detect the appearance of termites is dunes (also known as "mud tubes") on walls, floors...These mud tubes are about the size of a pencil, but sometimes can be bigger. Termites build mud tubes to move back and forth within the nest and between the underground nest and the built structure. To determine the sign of termite infestation, break through the sludge tubes and check for small, cream-colored worker termites. If a mud tube is empty, it does not mean that there are no destructive termites; when looking for another structure, the termite will drop the old mud tubes.

mud tube

Wood that is eaten by termites will have hollow lines along the grain, with soil and dry mud. This is the difference to identify the infestation of termites compared to other insects. Sometimes, termites also cause small holes through plaster walls with little soil around the edges. Ripples or sunken signs behind wallpaper is also a sign of termites.

The signs of termite are not really clear. Termites are mysterious insects, difficult to detect and sometimes a few years later they still do not know their presence in the house, behind the wall, under the wallpaper...Wood eaten by termites is often not discovered early due to the surface. outside wood looks quite intact. To find and accurately assess the termite condition requires the presence of a specialist, but in some cases experienced people can also ignore the mysterious sign of the termite.

  Question 4: Can I kill termites myself at home?

Answer: This is not the best solution to thoroughly tackle termites. Termite handling requires special skills. Having knowledge of the construction structure, identifying the "weak" areas of the building where termites often attack. Many termite attack areas are difficult to detect to handle. Termite control requires specialized equipment such as large-capacity drills, large-capacity chemical injection machines, and requires hundreds of liters of termiticide, pumped into the ground along the floor, underneath the precast. cardboard and foundation.

Termite treatment is the job of the specialist. "Insecticides" sold in many stores or bought easily online are difficult to completely solve the relationship situation of your family.

  Question 5: How can I choose the right reputable control company and why is there a service price discrepancy between firms?

Answer: This is a rather complicated question. You should choose the company with the necessary licenses and certifications in the termite control field. Before deciding to use any service, call a few companies for reference. Ask them to consult and check termite treatment, using that as a basis to compare to find out and choose the company that provides the best service with a reasonable price.

Each termite control company offers a different method of killing termites and warranties, as well as different prices. If the situation recurs, the company will guarantee you no need to lose any extra fees. Some cases are denied warranty when termites damage areas that technicians cannot access to handle according to standard procedures such as drainage systems, heating systems ...

Take a moment to consider choosing the right company. Stay away from companies that are always trying to pressure you by forcing you to sign a contract with intimidating, scary threats. The quality of work depends on the skills and experience of the technician directly implementing the termite treatment.