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  About ant

Ant (scientific name: Formicidae) is an insect of the membrane wing. The species in this family are highly social, capable of living in groups of up to millions. Many groups of ants can also spread over a very large area of land, forming super corporations. Ant collections are sometimes considered superorganisms because they act as a single entity. 

ant life cycle

  What do ant eat?

Ants are omnivores, they can eat almost anything, it can be said that ants are the most diverse insect. Ant food includes 4 groups and almost everything that you display on the table such as fruit, bread, sugar, milk, butter...

ant food

  Where do ants come from in your house?

Most types of ants are highly developed social insects and live in fixed nests. Depending on the species, the nests of these insects can be in the soil, in wood, under tiles, in cavities or in holes in the roof.

Ants can go very far in search of food. Even the cleanest houses can be a source of food for ants and when this food source is discovered, ants will flock to a lot, then professional assistance will be needed to prevent this insect.

Some stings are painful, but most are only annoying when they are rampant in your kitchen and other areas of your home in high volume. According to research by entomologists, the kitchen accounts for 96% of the chance of getting ants and this rate in the bathroom is 80%. In addition to the two typical areas above, ants are also commonly found in the following places:

  • Inside the wall (73%)
  • Bedroom (61%)
  • Living room (60%)
  • Basement (54%)
  • Air conditioning and heating (37%)

ants live in house