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Sign of termite infestation

You suspect the termite is residing somewhere in your home. So what are the signs of termites in your home? Follow this article to quickly detect termites in the home to find out how to get rid of termites effectively.

  Termite swarmers

When a "termite colony" is built and well maintained, the young termites gradually grow and become winged adults, which are capable of reproducing and can fly out when spring comes. or when the temperature heats up. They fly in pairs and only for short distances. Once they land, they break off their wings and males and females pair up to look for a suitable place to start their own colonies. If you find small black wings around your house, windowsill, and floors then you will definitely find termite nests nearby. This is the first basic sign of termite infestation.

termite swarmers

  Mud tube

The most important sign of a termite infestation is the presence of mud tubes. This is one of the first signs of termite identification that professionals look for when inspecting your home. Termites need the right temperature and humidity to survive. They build tunnels out of mud and dirt. These mud tunnels have the moisture suitable for them to shelter, move, search, and transport food. Mud tunnels are 1-2mm in size and are often found on the outside and inside walls entrances to houses.

If you find a mud tube, don't be scared. What you're looking at is a tunnel that hasn't been working since the termite's previous infestation. The best way to determine mud tube is still working is to break down the tube center area. If after a few days, the mud tube is back to normal it means the termite is still using it to function. The mud tube created by termites can extend up to 19 meters or more and are more likely to be found on buildings that are at least two stories tall. 

mud tube

  Termite droppings

Termites eat wood, then they convert the food and then release the frass (termite droppings). Frass include pile up or yellowish brown feces located outside the furniture area such as table legs, wooden cabinets...

termite drppings

  Hollow Wood

The moisture that termites produce when consuming wood and tunneling through the wood within doors and window frames causes wood to become warped, making it difficult to shut or open windows and doors. Even objects such as tables, wooden cabinets, ... being attacked will collapse and cannot be repaired. 

wood hallow

Above are some visual signs to identify termites in the house. However, these signs are only clear for us to detect when termites have lived for a long time and caused considerable damage to your home. Besides, the eradication of termites is not easy. An expert or a professional termite control company will help you to accurately assess the termite condition that your house is facing to plan the most radical destruction.