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Insect control methods for warehouse

For companies doing business in the field of food production, animal feed, stockpiling of goods in warehouses is indispensable. The feature of the warehouse is to store goods of diversified types, storage time ranges from 3 months to 12 months. The warehouse is a favorable environment for insects to have a chance to multiply and attack the warehouse. So what are effective insect control methods that limit the potential risks of damage to goods in the warehouse?

  Arrange raw materials and goods in the warehouse to be neat, logical and scientific

This is an important step in pest control in your warehouse, doing it well will bring benefits:

  • Keep the goods warehouse clear: The good air circulation in the warehouse inhibits the growth of mold. Thereby, reducing the quality degradation of goods caused by mold and humidity.
  • The warehouse is well ventilated and easy to navigate, which is convenient for pest control. When it is necessary to use disinfection methods, it will bring higher technical efficiency and limit the insect's chemical resistance.

pest control in warehouse

  Regularly cleaning the warehouse of goods periodically

This is a regular and periodic job to do because:

  • Clean the warehouse on a regular basis to prevent and control the original source of infection, and minimize the potential of harmful insects to reproduce. So prolong the storage time. On the other hand, it is also convenient for traveling to check the shipment.
  • Avoid wasting raw materials, causing loss to the company
  • Reduce the possibility of harmful insects after conducting the control with the fumigation method of goods
  • Reduce the source of initial arising because insects reside in the spillage materials to grow.

pest control in warehouse

  Protect insect infestation from outside

Some ways to prevent insects from outside are commonly used today such as: installing PVC screens or insect-proof screens that are quite effective. With insect repellants from the outside it is perfect for long term storage of goods.

pest control in warehouse

  Protect insect infestation from the inside

 Usually in the summer, when conditions are favorable for insects to grow, the sterilization frequency is usually between 45 and 60 days. During this time we need to regularly check the insect density. When the insect density is high, it is necessary to disinfect according to the quality requirements of the company. If possible, sterilization should be performed simultaneously. It is advisable to combine fumigation and other measures such as spraying of disinfectants, which will help sterilize results better, helping to keep insects clean, bringing high economic efficiency in business.

pest control in warehouse

The Department of Food Safety and Hygiene under the Ministry of Health has now issued insecticidal lamps throughout the country, allowing businesses to use insecticidal lights to destroy these insects. Therefore, you should install insecticide lights inside the warehouse, which both kill quickly, kill insects, and use them continuously, often but at a cheaper cost than using sprays.

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Insect control methods for warehouse